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Accelerating Data
Sovereignty for Humanity

Powered by Your Neural Twin

Introducing your
Neural Twin

Take control of your most valuable information and harness the power of artificial intelligence to transform your everyday experiences.

Engage The Secure
Global Data Marketplace

Actively or passively monetize your information with your favorite brands and businesses: you decide who accesses and purchases your data.

Enjoy Experiences 
Designed For Your Needs

Enjoy personalized products, services, and experiences across health, wellness, and retail tailored just for you.

Pioneering the Next Generation of
Health and Wellness

Connect siloed information and utilize AI-powered health and wellness insights to enhance well-being and promote longevity.

We coordinate
Not control

We collaborate
Not compete

We create value
Not extract

Join Our Community

​Backed by professional athletes, healthcare executives, world-renowned scientists, wellness experts, and aerospace engineers.
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Congratulations! Welcome to Neural! We will reach out if you are selected to join the BETA Platform!

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