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The Health and Wellness Ecosystem
Powered By Your Digital Twin

Unleash Your Potential

Welcome to the World's First
Open Marketplace

Backed by a global community of healthcare executives, NBA and NFL athletes, USA Olympians, web3 pioneers, and aerospace engineers

Creating a World Where
You are Empowered

 To control, share, and monetize your most valuable information

We coordinate
Not control

We collaborate
Not compete

We  create  value
Not extract

Our Roadmap

Digital Asset Private Offering

Neural Digital Asset will be listed on major U.S. exchanges providing early token holders liquidity and allowing additional investors to participate in scaling.

Private Beta Launch

Seamlessly create the world's smartest cognitive digital twin. Your Neural Avatar is the Digital Vault of your health and wellness journey where you are empowered to connect IoT devices and upload information inclusive of your lifestyle, diet, and genetics. Earn more Digital Asset by leveling up your Avatar and inviting your friends to exclusively access the BETA version.

Neural Portal Launch

The Neural Portal is the home of the Neural Avatar, the comprehensive health and wellness virtual profile of every user. Avatars earn Neural Digital Assets by completing wellness challenges and by uploading health data. The Neural Portal features a seamless interface of your most valuable information and connects to your IoT devices to source data.

Neural Market

The Neural Market is the world's first marketplace that empowers you to share and monetize your most valuable information. Partners of your choice can purchase your information using the Neural Digital Asset and as a result, are incentivized to customize experiences and products to meet your needs and desires.

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